Interactive White Board

eduBoard Smart Interactive Board 

This is Smart Interactive Board|eduboard smart Interactive display Board made of Infrared technology: locate accurately, respond quickly with high accuracy. No-radiation, environment-friendly, safe and green product.

• Multitouch: support single or two persons write on the board at the same time.

• Aluminum honeycomb panel and alloy frame, nice looking, strong and durable, can work over 8 years.

• Coated with Nanomaterial, anti-reflection, anti-glare, a marker can write and erase.

• Detachable design for infrared frame and board, convenient for maintenance.

• Movable stands and stands with a projector arm equipped with the whiteboard. (Optional) 

The best features in our modern software


• Can replace mouse completely, support click, double click and right click functions. 


• Export function: the contents of the board can be exported and opened with various formats: the image file, PowerPoint file, word file, Exc, l file, PDF file and HTML files to enhance versatility. 


• Innovative products: high tech teaching products, change teaching mode of traditional blackboards, trigger the evolution of teaching and learning way, enhance the environment for teaching and learning, realize classroom values return.


• Excellent quality: it’s safe, durable, healthy and environment-friendly, has long service lives.


• Accurate and fast: it handles task by advanced algorithms and respond fast, track with high accuracy, locate accurately and operate sensitively etc.

 • Zoom function: Full-screen zooming, object zooming.


• Object editing functions: Support objects copy, delete, move, rotate, resize.


• Searchlight: High brightness stands out the key point.


• Resource Library: Open resource library, users can add and delete optionally.


• Intercept screen function: Can capture any area, any size on the screen optionally.


• Geometric figures: drag and draw geometric figures freely, also can edit the figure such as change color, line style, and width, fill color, show tags etc


• Simple and Practical: has the function of automatic identification and start-up, easy to operate, no need for special pen, users can write and touch them with a finger or a teachers’ pointer. 




Support is always there for you!


Technical support 

Two-Year quality warranty with a continuous maintenance. 

Free repair (including labor and material) within the warranty period. 

Reasonable charge for spare parts and maintaining service after the warranty period.

24/7 after-sales technical support.