eduLab Language Laboratory


GD3110B Digital Language Laboratory System provides a facility which allows the student to listen to right pronunciation, repeat and record the same, listen to their performance and compare with the set model, and do self-assessment. Since a digital language laboratory gives every learner of any language opportunity for self-development, it is flexible and does not necessarily require a teacher all the time, because the student can practice even without the teacher. At the same time, it is possible for teachers to provide assistance individually and collectively. The language laboratory allows every participant his or her privacy to speak and listen.

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Some Of Its Special Features 

Audio Broadcasting: Teacher can broadcast his voice or other audio material to a single or all students.


Video Broadcasting: Teacher can broadcast his video material to all students Screen.


Broadcasting:Teacher can broadcast his screen to the students. 


Multi-channel Broadcasting: Eight Channel Audio and Video can be broadcast at the same time.


Screen Monitor: The teacher can monitor or observe selected student’s work or view their screen.


Demo:Teacher can ask the selected student demo for others.


Dialogue /Voice Intercom: Teacher can dialogue to single, selected or all students.


Group Discussion:Teacher can divide the students into any group for discussion randomly.


Job Submission: Student can transfer his homework to the teacher’s computer.


Digital Courseware: Record the teacher’s speech or student’s practice to teacher’s Hard Disk. When necessary, teacher can export the file for comparison.


Record and Repeat: Teacher or student can record their voice than listen to or repeat heir voices for better pronunciation and intonation.