Welcome to Eduboard 

eduBoard Interactive Display is designed with an advanced infrared technology, up to 10 fingers can write simultaneously on the board, and is user friendly. Designed for all levels of education. 

Who We Are

Edusystems and Technology was founded in 2012, To provide education services such as consulting, training and development, manufacturing of teaching aids, educational Software, Smart Class, language lab and magnetic Whiteboard.

All our Smart range of products are catalyst for class participation, Intuitive design, engaging digital workspace, true multi-student collaboration and small group learning. It also encourages critical thinking, problem-solving and also spark better learning outcomes for all. Powered by eduboard SMART Learning Software. 

Edusystems and Technology have range of products and services such as eduboard Interactive display, eduboard magnetic whiteboard, edusmart class, edulab and All in One Interactive board

We have customers in China, USA, UK, France, Australia, Italy, Korea, Brazil, India, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, Denmark, Canada, Hongkong, Taiwan, Chile, Thailand, and Middle East Area and so on.


Company Vision and Mission

Our mission is to digitize learning environment in Africa by offering best modern teaching and learning aids designed to help organizations achieve more. 

To attract and attain customers with high-valued products and services with the most satisfying ownership experience in Africa.

Core Values

Leadership: The courage to shape a better future.

Collaboration: True multi-student collaboration and small group learning.

Integrity: We keep our promise.

Passion: Committed in heart and mind giving the best. 

Innovation: Continuous improvement.

Quality: We’re good at what we do.

Durability: Creating long lasting experience.

Respect and Humility: Our customers decide.